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The Characters:

WJR Radio

Twitter: @wjrradio
Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA
The great voice of the great lakes, News/Talk 760am WJR.

Fred Jacobs

Twitter: @fnjacobs
Location: Detroit, Michigan
President of Jacobs Media/jacAPPS, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, digital strategist, student of the game, coffee-aholic.

Celebration! Cinema

Twitter: @CelebrationCnma
Location: Michigan
We strive to better our communities by creating a superior shared entertainment experience. Tweeted by E-Marketing Specialist @thomasav.

Bassie Shemtov

Twitter: @BassieShemtov
Location: Michigan
Founder and Director of Friendship Circle in Michigan. Serving families who have children with special needs with Teen volunteers.

Maya Sabot Paveza

Twitter: @mayaREguru
Location: DelaWhere? or Philly
REALTOR @ Keller Williams, Wilmington & Pot Stirrer. Mom/Instigator/Antagonist. Fan of Social Nets since my Hayes 300 baud. Inflection: humor. Integrity rules.

Charlie Wollborg

Twitter: @CharlieCurve
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Chief Troublemaker. Creative. Marketer. Entrepreneur. Speaker. I love shiny objects, bacon & business. On a mission to rekindle the fire in your belly.

Christopher Barger

Twitter: @cbarger

The Lead Czar

Twitter: @PbCzar

Nicholas Provenzano

Twitter: @thenerdyteacher

Twitter: @Eric_Urbane

TJ List

Twitter: @TJList

Jeff Keni Pulver

Twitter: @jeffpulver

Jeremiah Staes

Twitter: @digitalvision

Goodwill Detroit

Twitter: @GoodwillDet


Twitter: @dewittn

Funny Or Die

Twitter: @funnyordie

Beverly Cornell

Twitter: @beverlycornell

Shannon Paul

Twitter: @ShannonPaul

Becky Johns

Twitter: @beckyjohns

G Derocha RD CDE MBA

Twitter: @gracedietitian

Randy Lawrence

Twitter: @randelaw

Hajj Flemings

Twitter: @HajjFlemings

Pat Williams

Twitter: @cletch

Becky McCray

Twitter: @BeckyMcCray

Mark W. Smith

Twitter: @markdubya

Beyond Gaming

Twitter: @BeyondGaming

Brian Ambrozy

Twitter: @primesuspect

George Nemeth

Twitter: @georgenemeth

DBusiness Magazine

Twitter: @dbusiness

Ja-Nae Duane

Twitter: @TheSunQueen

Lucy Angel

Twitter: @LucyAngelBand

Mark Ostach

Twitter: @ostach34

Benjamin Bach

Twitter: @benjaminbach


Twitter: @geogeller


Twitter: @holycowcreative

Victorious Secrets

Twitter: @TVSband

Tonja Deegan

Twitter: @tvdeegan

Jerry Paffendorf

Twitter: @WELLO

Anissa Mayhew

Twitter: @AnissaMayhew

Edward Vielmetti

Twitter: @vielmetti

Jeremy Bronson

Twitter: @jbrons

Erik Proulx

Twitter: @eproulx

Recovery Rabbi

Twitter: @RecoveryRabbi

Chris Brogan

Twitter: @chrisbrogan

Hubert Sawyers III

Twitter: @HubertGAM

Taza Interactive

Twitter: @tazainteractive

William J. Ward

Twitter: @DR4WARD

Flyover Geeks

Twitter: @FlyoverGeeks

Betsy Critchfield

Twitter: @bcritch24

Gaye Lynn Maddalena

Twitter: @UniqueChatter

BareBones Detroit

Twitter: @BareBonesD

Tammy Camp

Twitter: @TammyCamp

Genna Young

Twitter: @gennayoung

Rick Albaugh

Twitter: @awwbaw3

Trista Kempa

Twitter: @tristajaye

Kyle Mattson

Twitter: @theredmission

Tricia Bobeda

Twitter: @triciabobeda

emily vontom

Twitter: @emilyvontom

Michael Thomas

Twitter: @mpthomas06

Ben Bator

Twitter: @benbator

Lindsay Karpinskas

Twitter: @LKarpinskas

Erin Ellis

Twitter: @erin_ellis

Patrick Reyes

Twitter: @patrickreyes

Ben Rosenzweig

Twitter: @BenRosenzweig


Twitter: @mumby

Becks Davis

Twitter: @becksdavis

Jeannette Gutierrez

Twitter: @tunie

Samantha W.

Twitter: @noisyzen

Chris Poterala

Twitter: @potsie

Linda Clinton, Ph.D.

Twitter: @Linda704

Brian D. Shelton

Twitter: @briandshelton

Twitter: @MSUInterns

Rachel Balanon

Twitter: @rachelbalanon

Kelly Kennedy

Twitter: @kellyphoto

NxtGen Marketing

Twitter: @nxtgenmarketing

Howard Collens

Twitter: @howardcollens

Kitty Vomvolakis

Twitter: @KittyVomvolakis

Erik Granning

Twitter: @egranning


Twitter: @napratscher


Twitter: @icondani

Rhonda Welsh

Twitter: @rhondawelsh

Gina Kay Landis

Twitter: @ginakayRE

Line StorgaardConley

Twitter: @storgaardconley

Sylvia Hubbard

Twitter: @sylviahubbard1

Angela Sandoval

Twitter: @angesando

Michael Grosvenor

Twitter: @MGrosvenor

Pooja VL

Twitter: @VitterLati

Holly Myles

Twitter: @hollymyles

DJ Meph

Twitter: @djmeph

Madison Pelletier

Twitter: @mmmmmadison


Twitter: @Open_Connection


Twitter: @jennisama313

Brian Kirby

Twitter: @brian_kirby

Jake ✳

Twitter: @tenaciousJk

Ari Jacobovitz

Twitter: @heyarij

Andrew Dobney

Twitter: @drewdobs


Twitter: @Girlfriendology

Heather K from EC!

Twitter: @excitablecargo

Gregory Meyer

Twitter: @gregmeyer22


Twitter: @kellykozlowski

Real Time Farms

Twitter: @realtimefarms

Julia Wendzinski

Twitter: @jwendz


Twitter: @lisagilpin


Twitter: @ckunde

Nicole Washington

Twitter: @FierceExposure

Catherine Hilker

Twitter: @CatherineHilker

Andy Hetzel | BCBSM

Twitter: @andrewhetzel

Kevin Butler

Twitter: @kmbutler56

Sarah Lee

Twitter: @SarahLWLee

Todd R Jordan

Twitter: @Tojosan

Ursula Adams

Twitter: @ursulaa

jenni Murray

Twitter: @jennimurr

Nikki Little

Twitter: @nikkistephan

Mike Driehorst

Twitter: @MikeDriehorst

David Benjamin

Twitter: @DaveBenjamin

Jeremy Tucker

Twitter: @Jeremy_Tucker

Joe Steele

Twitter: @JoeSteeleMI

Sarah Worsham

Twitter: @sazbean

Derek Mehraban

Twitter: @mehraban

Erica Finley

Twitter: @ericafinley

Kay Nguyen

Twitter: @kaynguyen

Justine Easter

Twitter: @justine_elyse

judith sallador

Twitter: @mirafloresa

Savvy Nights

Twitter: @SavvyNights

Felipe Martinez

Twitter: @FelipeMartinez

Stephanie Zarecki

Twitter: @StephZarecki

The Guest Teacher

Twitter: @laroncarter

Allen Mireles

Twitter: @allenmireles

Rick Bodey

Twitter: @rickbodey

Dale Ave-Lallemant

Twitter: @OhioGrassman

Jack Monson

Twitter: @jackmonson

Twitter: @InvestCF

Diana Hussein

Twitter: @DietDrPepper

Courtney Siekirk

Twitter: @csiekirk

Visit Detroit

Twitter: @VisitDetroit

Jimmy Tomczak

Twitter: @paperfeet

Brooke Adams

Twitter: @brookemadams5

Bobby Mercader

Twitter: @Rmercader

Deidre Sayles

Twitter: @Deidress

Art Van Furniture

Twitter: @ArtVanFurniture

Артем Непокульчицкий

Twitter: @treasuryman

Zach Ferres

Twitter: @zcferres

Jess D

Twitter: @jessd83

Todd Yerman

Twitter: @tyerman

Mandi Mankvitz

Twitter: @SphereTrending

Detroit News Hub

Twitter: @DetroitUnspun

Rosh Sillars

Twitter: @RoshSillars

Kaileen Connelly

Twitter: @Kaileen

Katy Campbell

Twitter: @katycamps

Henry Balanon

Twitter: @balanon

Debbie Bourgois

Twitter: @dbourgois

Stefanie Monge

Twitter: @S_Monger


Twitter: @ABass7

CareFree Homes

Twitter: @cfhomes

Dave Mulder

Twitter: @DavidLMulder

Dov Stein

Twitter: @dovstein

Chris Xiromeritis

Twitter: @cxiro

Mysteriously Unnamed

Twitter: @Ncyp23

Jessica Giantonio

Twitter: @jgiantonio

Steve Markovitch

Twitter: @srmarkovitch

Aram אֲרָם Hamper

Twitter: @pagingDrPizza

Lord Yancyy

Twitter: @LYancyy

Martin Smith

Twitter: @djgraffiti

Katherine D. Hammond

Twitter: @KDallasHammond

Joe Haines

Twitter: @GM_Joe

Bruce McClain

Twitter: @sbh_bruce

Tim McDonald

Twitter: @tamcdonald

Frank Szollosi

Twitter: @frankszollosi

Michelle Moser

Twitter: @michellemoser

Brendan Tripp

Twitter: @BTRIPP

the Few Records

Twitter: @theFewRecords

Michael Hopps

Twitter: @mhopps

Nate Riggs

Twitter: @nateriggs

Dave Linabury

Twitter: @Davezilla

Jillian Koeneman

Twitter: @Jillianmk

Inside Detroit

Twitter: @InsideDetroit

My Name Is

Twitter: @Jammond


Twitter: @dukelong

Susan Proffitt

Twitter: @MissIve

Meredith מִרְיָם

Twitter: @rockstarima

Caitlin Madden

Twitter: @caitm

oguntoye kayode

Twitter: @kaylook

Lindsay Bacigalupo

Twitter: @LindsayBreann

Randy Christenhusz

Twitter: @onederlnd

Suzanne Johnson

Twitter: @smkjohnson

Stephanie Taylor

Twitter: @SLTfrictionbaby

Jerome Espy

Twitter: @Jespy


Twitter: @tinakozak

Nicole Pipe

Twitter: @totallytypea


Twitter: @Starzan

Chris Celek

Twitter: @ChrisCelek


Twitter: @shqipo

Whole Brain Group

Twitter: @wholebraingroup

Ryan Goins

Twitter: @ryangoins

Detroit Inst of Arts

Twitter: @DIADetroit


Twitter: @workfly

CBC Windsor

Twitter: @CBCWindsor

Erica Alexander

Twitter: @ericaalexander

Nancy Andrews

Twitter: @NancyAndrews

Sean Dörr

Twitter: @sdoerr2

Aaron Olson

Twitter: @ACOlson

Jamie Patrona

Twitter: @jamiepatrona

Ragina Smith

Twitter: @RaginaSmith


Twitter: @MJBoltz

Versa Dave

Twitter: @versadave

Stacey Heneveld

Twitter: @Stacey_Says

Jane Berger

Twitter: @JEBerger

Lesley Nadeau

Twitter: @lesley48220

Payal Ravani

Twitter: @payalravani


Twitter: @MitziLawrence


Twitter: @Sarshie

Web Savvy Marketing

Twitter: @WebSavvyMrkting

Thomas Roy

Twitter: @thomasgroy

Mike Wolf

Twitter: @WolfGR

Cheryl Harrison

Twitter: @CherylHarrison

Julienne Bourgeois

Twitter: @juliennesalad

Twitter: @sushirevenge

Jodi Davis

Twitter: @WalkyTalkJODI

Mike Fraietta

Twitter: @MikeFraietta

Shena Mack

Twitter: @PennieLady

Kyle Mulka

Twitter: @mulka

Liz Maritz

Twitter: @MizzLiz


Twitter: @ambientsoul

Heather Macdonald

Twitter: @HMacdonald

Malauri Rowland

Twitter: @MalauriAnne

Steve St. Germain

Twitter: @stevestgermain

Chioke McRae

Twitter: @ChiokeMcRae

Je suis (Swi...) Jim

Twitter: @jswijim

Rachel Reardon

Twitter: @RachelReardon

Car and Driver

Twitter: @CARandDRIVER


Twitter: @dogwalkblog

Kiana German

Twitter: @KianaGerman

bobo bouzakraoui

Twitter: @xxbobo

Robin Miner-Swartz

Twitter: @RobinMSwartz


Twitter: @Johnniego

Carla Weis Hale

Twitter: @carlaweishale

Smart Teacher

Twitter: @smartteacher

Lindsay Warren

Twitter: @LindsayEWarren


Twitter: @redcrew


Twitter: @DaneDowner

Jim Cervo

Twitter: @JimCervo

No one home

Twitter: @IndustryCityNYC

Megan Fisher

Twitter: @megs86

Ken Edwards

Twitter: @meancode

Mike Keller

Twitter: @MilanMike


Twitter: @polenahermiz

steve frank

Twitter: @steven_frank

Christian McLean

Twitter: @chirn9980

Duane B Thomas

Twitter: @edyoucation

Graves De Armond

Twitter: @guinnessatticus


Twitter: @mrzielinski

Randy Carport

Twitter: @thenewpoof


Twitter: @JenMarsikFriess

Kelly Wysocki

Twitter: @kellywysocki

Elizabeth Oliver

Twitter: @emoliver413

Ken Wohl

Twitter: @KenWohl

Susan Waun

Twitter: @SusanWaun


Twitter: @studioloraine

Merlene Paynter

Twitter: @Merlene

Helen Battersby

Twitter: @HelenBattersby


Twitter: @DMC_HuronValley

The Henry Ford

Twitter: @thehenryford

Courtney Velasquez

Twitter: @CourtneyDetroit

Natasha Guimond

Twitter: @nguimond

I Am Young Detroit

Twitter: @iamyoungdetroit

David Britten

Twitter: @colonelb

Jeron Jackson

Twitter: @Jeron_imo

Michael Carnow

Twitter: @mcarnow

Friendship Circle

Twitter: @FCMichigan


Twitter: @WrittenByBecca

Dan Gheesling

Twitter: @DanGheesling

Elizabeth Kerner

Twitter: @liz_kerner

Twitter: @BlumzRob

Karah Davenport

Twitter: @KStreet

Charlotte Blank

Twitter: @CharlotteBlank

Trisha Verma

Twitter: @tverma29

Jackie McClelland

Twitter: @JackieMac3210

Mary Henige

Twitter: @maryhenige

Karen Wilhelm

Twitter: @leanreflect

Ari B. Adler

Twitter: @aribadler

Tarun Gehani

Twitter: @freshtight

Rachel Stuyvenberg

Twitter: @Rachel714


Twitter: @Mindfieldusa

Deb Ochs

Twitter: @DebOchs

Stephanie Costello

Twitter: @stephcos

Tony Gambee

Twitter: @tgambee

Jessica L.

Twitter: @laus_cause

Noël Jackson

Twitter: @noel

Steve Yuill

Twitter: @sjyuill

Andrew Herron, W8FI

Twitter: @kritikal

Ashley Bernath

Twitter: @bernatha